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Suzhou linkesonic cleaning equipment co.,ltd. is a Forestry parts cleaning technology as the core of the design and manufacturing enterprises, is a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning machines. FC home company has included ultrasonic cleaning machine series, TC Desktop stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine series, SD series industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine standards, VCH, MET solvent ultrasonic cleaning machine series, WAT aqueous ultrasonic cleaning machine series, GH Series pressure washer of series of industrial parts cleaning machine.

Company research, development, design, production, sales, production CNC precision mini ultrasonic cleaner (plastic casing), mechanical control mini ultrasonic cleaner (stainless steel), digital control mini ultrasonic cleaner (stainless steel), industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasonic cleaning green washing machine, hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic solvent cleaning machine, ultrasonic generator (power) eight series, hundreds of product specifications.

Company to the domestic market-based, continuously for the home, automobile, motorcycle manufacturing, engine assembly, transmission assembly, clutch manufacturing, compressor manufacturers, power equipment, metal products industry, plastic industry, optics, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing , the solar photovoltaic industry, precision metal, HDD parts, aerospace industry, medical equipment, military and other industries to provide cost-effective, economic and environmentally friendly industrial parts cleaning solution.

The main products such as microcomputer control microarrays core components, piezoelectric ceramics, are from Japan, the United States, Korea, Germany and other countries imported, and full use of the latest international technology of production, has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. In order to ensure stable performance, safe, reliable, easy to operate, the whole power of strong, excellent cleaning results, product quality and performance are met or exceeded the international similar products. All the products with independent intellectual property rights, and has passed the European CE certification, FCC in the U.S. and other mandatory safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification.

Forestry company holds industry specializing in surgery of the business strategy, always professional, and specifically addressed the development of specific routes, and strive to industrial parts cleaning equipment business bigger and stronger. We always pursue advanced technology, perfect quality and professionalism, with the technology, brand and sincere service to our customers to create value. Forestry company has research, small scale, design and manufacture, installation, maintenance, maintenance and other technical services and engineering perfect service system. Forestry will continue to lead the change in the domestic cleaning industry, providing the most advanced cleaning technology, efforts to promote green cleaning technology development for our countries to achieve sustainable development efforts.

Purpose: customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement
Mission: the use of advanced clean technologies, clean parts for customers to solve problems
Goal: Forestry ultrasound, wash industry to lead the world

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